EnerSys and Pyrotek Team Up to Compete in AFWERX Energy Showcase

Pyrotek and EnerSys are combining decades of technical experience and U.S.A.-manufacturing capabilities to provide an advanced, high-energy, zero-volt capable, lithium-ion battery system to meet the demands of U.S. space resiliency and deliver top performance in the space warfighting domain.

Energy Culture Challenge SOCIAL Fixed and Mobile Energy Storage FacebookAFWERX, the catalyst for fostering innovation within the U.S. Air Force, recently announced that Pyrotek and EnerSys combined to form one of the teams selected to compete in the AFWERX Challenge, which is centered around six topics. One of those topics is Fixed and Mobile Energy Generation. The proposals selected to advance represent innovative solutions for more effective warfighting and humanitarian missions that are less reliant on fossil fuels.

EnerSysLogo1EnerSys and Pyrotek are competing in the Fixed and Mobile Energy Generation part of the AFWERX Challenge alongside a diverse group of teams from North America, Europe, Australia and other allied countries.




The EnerSys-Pyrotek high-energy zero-volt technology solves several critical battery issues for national secure space.

• Enables full, on-board computer power reset to recover from in-orbit cyber-attacks
• Yields increased usable energy for enhanced payload capability and mission flexibility
• Provides recovery from dead-bus failures without mission degradation
• Advances high-energy chemistry results in lower mass and volume battery systems
• Allows in-orbit satellite hibernation and facilitates in-orbit servicing of external power equipment

"EnerSys is excited to partner with Pyrotek on the development and production of advanced lithium-ion chemistries to provide beyond state-of-practice zero-volt battery systems to meet the demanding needs of performance and resiliency in today’s, and tomorrow’s, space warfighting domain," says Mark Matthews, EnerSys Sr. Vice President.

"This is an exciting collaboration with EnerSys, because it combines the industry-leading technologies of our two companies to meet the demanding energy storage requirements of the U.S. Space Force," says Bruce Gallaher, Pyrotek General Manager – Energy Group. "Together, we are developing and manufacturing the world’s most powerful and resilient battery systems right here in America."

Aerospace, defense and security technology leader Lockheed Martin Corp. is currently investing in a battery design that incorporates the zero-volt technology for a baseline battery design for future military satellite programs.

The combined EnerSys-Pyrotek product will be made in the United States with all domestic-sourced materials, material processing, battery manufacturing and battery assembly. The production methods will meet or exceed strict domestic environmental standards, and the production will be in part powered by green energy.

EnerSys makes batteries, chargers, and related accessories, along with power equipment and outdoor equipment enclosures for customers globally. It’s a US-based company, with multiple US manufacturing centers. It serves telecommunications and utilities, transportation, defense, aerospace, and space exploration. Known for mission-critical stored energy solutions, EnerSys is already supplying the power for the US space program to Mars, asteroids, and deep space planets. It regularly works with companies like Boeing Co. and Lockheed Martin.

ABOUT Pyrotek - Battery Materials
Pyrotek is a maker of high-performance, low-cost graphite material for lithium-ion batteries. The material delivers high cell capacity and extended service life. Pyrotek has supplied graphite to the lithium-ion battery industry for more than 25 years. Its clean, low-cost production in the USA relies entirely on low-cost hydroelectric power with almost no emissions for production. Pyrotek has been around for 60 years, and is trusted in high-temperature material development around the world.

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Bruce Gallaher, Pyrotek – brugal@pyrotek.com
Joseph Troutman, EnerSys – joseph.troutman@eas.enersys.com

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