Blansko Earns Renewable Energy Certificate

As the European aluminium industry keeps pushing suppliers to be more "green," Pyrotek Blansko is already in a great position to meet targets as leaders there have made sure operations run sustainably using renewable energy sources.


Pyrotek Blansko is now officially "green," recently receiving a "Renewable Energy Certificate" from an important European Union institution.

"Not everyone can get it, as there are limited numbers of green energy sources," says Michal Streck, Managing Director Eastern European Region – Manufacturing for Pyrotek. "It is our intention to secure this type of energy for future years, too."

BlanskoBuilding1He says Pyrotek Blansko is seeking to build a solar power plant, which would provide for roughly 20-40 percent of the energy consumption there.

"Pyrotek is a responsible company, and our sustainability policies are not just a formal document - this is the way we live and work," Streck says.

Pyrotek Blansko leaders have long been looking into ways to reduce the environmental footprint of operations. There have been projects focused on emissions reductions, where the results far exceeded government requirements. They also have focused on noise reduction and water consumption.

T Energy Certifikat Pyrotek A4

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