Metal Filtration



The aluminium industry today requires strict metal quality standards to prevent part failures in critical components of automobiles, airplanes and machinery. Filtration is the last inline metal treatment that takes place before the liquid metal is cast. Many other upstream process stages occur in order to control flow and reduce the inclusion level entering a filter system, and all contribute toward delivering a product that meets or exceeds expectations. Inline filters for casthouse applications can take many forms and are usually categorized into multiple-use filter boxes or single-use disposable filters, such as trough socks and ceramic foam filters (CFF).

When Pyrotek launched in 1956, its primary product was a glass cloth filter for molten aluminium. We have since expanded our offerings and expertise to include even more effective filtration methods.

SIVEX-brand CFF is a high-purity alumina-based product that is available in a range of sizes and grades for primary aluminium applications.

Bonded particle filters (BPF®) have substantial strength at ambient and molten aluminium temperatures, are durable, have high thermal conductivity and are resistant to chemical attack. They are useful in aluminium gravity casting (permanent mould), pressure die casting, low-pressure, squeeze cast, and high-performance sand foundries to remove inclusions.

  • Machined to tight dimensional tolerances
  • Excellent strength and thermal properties
  • Resistant to molten aluminium attack
  • Available in various sizes and grades
  • Reduced scrap
  • Better surface finish of castings
  • Increased metal quality

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