Metal Degassing

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The die casting industry today requires strict metal quality standards to prevent part failures in critical components of automobiles, airplanes and machinery. Inline degassing helps remove inclusions and alkali metals from molten aluminium to improve metal quality. Inclusions can lead to reduced fluidity, increased porosity, loss of mechanical properties, poor surface finish, broken tools, lack of pressure tightness and reduced corrosion resistance.

In the degassing process, inert gasses are pumped into aluminium melts to remove hydrogen and prevent subsequent porosity in cast parts. Generally, the gasses are diffused through rotors to maximize gas efficiency. Degassing also helps to lift other impurities, such as oxides, to the surface of the melt where they are skimmed and removed.

Pyrotek products and equipment for degassing help improve metal quality, reduce melt loss from dross and optimize cast parts, including rotary degassing equipment, graphite shafts and rotors, degassing tubes and more.

To help improve metal quality for aluminium producers, Pyrotek's inline degassing systems are deep-vessel units that employ one to four nozzles, depending on an operation's metal flow rate and hydrogen reduction requirements. The system's spinning nozzle design disperses the process gas evenly around the nozzle, stabilizes flow from the nozzle in an outward direction and protects it from inadvertent strikes by “rocks” in the chamber.

  • Optimal process gas bubble saturation throughout the melt
  • Reduced dross formation
  • Free metal flow through the vessel
  • Easy-to-replace refractory
  • Increased metal quality
  • Expert engineering design

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