Crucible Shop

Ceramite Crucible Lining 2


Crucibles and siphons used in aluminium smelters must be cleaned and maintained to ensure efficient metal transport. Functions within the crucible shop might include cleaning tapping siphons and returning them to operation, disassembling failed siphons and assembling new ones, cleaning metal tapping crucibles and bath tapping crucibles and maintaining crucible lids and equipment. The lining of crucibles also may be removed and replaced, which includes baking out a new refractory lining.

Pyrotek offers metal and bath tapping equipment, including siphons, gaskets, pouring spouts, spout cover seals, crucible lid seals and refractory. Flexible ductwork and expansion joints also are available for dust collection.

Pyrotek's global network of research and manufacturing centres and technical experts work with aluminium operations to determine the products that will best suit their needs.