Pot Delining and Relining

AP30 Pot Cell


An aluminium reduction cell consists primarily of a large, reinforced steel shell lined with layers of refractory insulation and barrier materials. The working lining typically is made of graphitized, graphitic, semi-graphitic or anthracitic carbon cathode blocks. Pot lining life generally extends 1500 to 3000 days but can be reduced if the lining fails prematurely through block cracking, lining erosion, poor operating conditions, etc. Spent pot linings must be removed and disposed.


Pyrotek offers a number of solutions for pot relining:

  • Copper clads for bolted connections
  • Aluminium/steel cathode clads for welded connections
  • Ropes, gaskets and mastics to prevent air ingress
  • Thermally conductive silicon-carbide bricks for use in the pot's sidewalls to aid heat loss and promote bath freeze lining protection

Pyrotek solutions help improve reduction cell efficiency through effective connections, sealing materials and more.