Reinforced Fibreglass Material


Pyrotek's Reinforced fibreglass material (RFM®) is a unique composite material made of fibreglass fabric embedded in a refractory slurry, with application opportunities throughout the aluminium casthouse and foundry. The composite construction gives the material both the thermal and chemical benefits of refractory with the reinforcing strength of an interconnected, non-brittle material.

Pyrotek Offerings

There are four variations of the RFM material, each with slightly different properties to suit a variety of application needs. In general, the material has excellent mechanical properties compared to standard refractory, including thermal shock and crack resistance and a high strength-to-weight ratio. It is also more insulating and less reactive in molten aluminium that cast iron or steel.

RFM material can be custom shaped to the application. Depending on the product, RFM brings value to the casting process with improved product life, reduced downtime, improved energy efficiency and lower scrap rates. Products can include ladles, thermocouple protection tubes, troughs, dosing launders, sampling spoons, skim dams, Properzi spouts and more.

  • Nonwetting to molten aluminium
  • Resistant to erosion
  • Excellent mechanical properties
  • Lightweight