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Furnace refractory is the ceramic component of the furnace that directly interfaces with the contained molten aluminium, also referred to as the working liner. The term "furnace refractory" may refer to either the working liner of a holding furnace or melting furnace. Additionally, furnace refractory is typically referred to in relation to its location in the furnace: lower walls, belly band, upper walls, roof, hearth, subhearth, door surrounds (jambs, sills and lintels), ramp, inlet, outlet (tapout block) and charge well.

Furnace refractory plays a major role in furnace efficiency, furnace maintenance costs, life of a furnace shell and more.

Pyrotek Offerings

Pyrotek’s TAB Refractory Services is a world leader in lining aluminium furnaces, having relined furnace projects in over 30 different countries. Projects include furnaces of melter or holder design of all kinds including: reverbatory, round top loading, static, tilting, rotary, tower, and die caster. TAB's engineers help operations choose and install the best refractory to improve the lifetime and performance of a furnace.

Pyrotek's years of experience casting refractories have resulted in a selection of the best refractories from many suppliers in addition to experience in quick, high-quality installation of brick liners, monolithic/cast-in-situ liners, and/or big block liners.

In addition, Pyrotek's production facility in Cortland, New York, USA, provides engineering and casting services that generate high-quality precast shapes, which are cast under controlled conditions to closely monitor all variables during manufacturing. All shapes are fired to high temperatures to remove moisture and ensure the refractory properties provide a superior furnace lining.

Pyrotek liners are designed per alloy, charge material, temperature, burner design, operator methods and more to combat corrundum growth, mechanical damage, metal penetration, thermal shock, erosion and chemical attack.

Other Related Products
Furnaces will often incorporate other Pyrotek products such as electromagnetic pumps (EMP), mechanical pumps, and LOTUSS scrap melting systems.

  • Expertly engineered designs for every customer need
  • Vast furnace building experience, creating highest quality liners
  • World-class casting facility creates highest quality building materials
  • Best construction method and material selection per application
  • Reduced turnaround time