Metal Casting — Foundry

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In foundry metal casting, sows, T-bars and ingots are cast into final (near net) shape products such as alloy wheels, engine blocks and heads, pistons, mechanical component housings, electric motor components and many other complex shapes requiring the light weight and strength of aluminium. Typical processes in foundry include high-pressure and low-pressure die casting, as well as gravity pour into permanent, semi-permanent, sand or investment moulds. Production volume, dimensional accuracy, surface finish, wall thickness, mould and tooling costs, metallurgy and cast part properties all are important factors to producing high-quality parts. As regulations around the world demand lower carbon emissions, automotive, aerospace and other manufacturers have helped drive an increase in the usage of lightweight aluminium.

Pyrotek provides end-to-end solutions to the foundry industry that help casters improve productivity and increase quality, including furnaces, pumps, degassing equipment, filtration and more.

  • Improved metal quality
  • Reduced scrap
  • Increased process efficiency

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