Scrap Preparation & Remelting



Recycling clean aluminium requires only about 5% of the energy required to produce the equivalent amount of primary aluminium. It also produces approximately 5% of the greenhouse gases, the International Aluminium Institute says. Remelting and recycling aluminium has increased as legislation has demanded more recycled content. Good scrap management can help increase an operation's profitability.

If quickly submerged in the aluminium bath, light-gauge scrap can melt rapidly and achieve better metal yield. If continuously melted via a submergence system, it can generate improved furnace melting efficiency and thermal performance in a closed-door operation.

Pyrotek's integrated melting system (IMS) provides an efficient way to prepare scrap and process machining chips to convert them back into usable metal. The jet bed dryer reduces moisture on chips, while the Pyrotek LOTUSS vortex continuously and quickly submerges the chips and turnings into molten metal.

Benefits include:

  • High metal recovery rates
  • Increased metal production
  • Continuous, automated operation
  • Easy installation
  • Low operating cost and low maintenance

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