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Siphons are specially desgined tube systems used for drawing off or extracting molten aluminium and molten bath from reduction cells in aluminium smelter potrooms. They consist of the siphon body, which connects to the vacuum crucible and the siphon tip, which is connected to the siphon body and submerged into molten aluminium and bath to draw it into the crucible.

Pyrotek Offerings

Pyrotek offers custom-engineered cast steel and cast iron siphon assemblies. Siphons are cast per customer specifications with design support available. Because Pyrotek owns and operates its own manufacturing centre, Pyrotek can offer various delivery options ranging from exworks and full container delivery to customer site and vendor managed inventory. 

  • Made to customer specifications
  • Full quality reports available
  • Pyrotek coordinates production ranging from trial quantity to full production requirements
  • Pyroteks sales and global product management team are available to review design specifications at customer's site