Port and Peep Hole Covers

PortAndPeepholeCovers Cover1


Exhaust port covers are used in an anode bake furnace to seal off each individual pit sections exhaust flexi leg. Porthole covers reduce or eliminate ambient air from being drawn into the anode bake furnace during the fire. They also provide insulation and can be designed to compress slightly to make up for inconsistencies in the sealing surface.

Peep hole covers are very similar to port hole covers, except they may be smaller in size. Peep hole openings are most commonly used to insert sensors (thermocouples, TPR, ZPR) or burners into flue walls or for visual inspection of the furnace. Some furnace designs require separate peephole covers while others incorporate a peephole opening into a port cover.

Pyrotek Offerings

Pyrotek manufactures port and peep covers, from simple cast iron covers to more complex combinations of steel, refractory and insulating materials, providing optimal furnace sealing solutions. Pyrotek will also refurbish and repair used covers to help maintain furnace operation and efficiency. The company has extensive global experience designing, manufacturing and refurbishing port and peephole covers.

  • Improved furnace efficiency
  • Reduced labour costs through refurbishment
  • Designed and manufactured for employee safety
  • Proven performance in bake furnaces around the world


PortandPeepHoleCovers Exhaust port cover 6 PortandPeepHoleCovers Furnace Top View PortandPeepHoleCovers Basic Port Cover Top PortandPeepHoleCovers Basic Port Cover Bottom PortandPeepHoleCovers Exhaust port cover 1 PortandPeepHoleCovers Simple Peep Cover PortandPeepHoleCovers Octagon Port Cover with Lifting Hook PortandPeepHoleCovers Exhaust port cover 7 PortandPeepHoleCovers Round port cover with peep opening and lifting hooks Peepholes Peepholes