Crucible Seals

CrucibleSeals CrucibleLidSeal


Crucible seals are used to ensure containment of molten metal and assure the crucible will hold a vacuum. Seals can be used on the lid, spout lids or spouts. 

Pyrotek Offerings

Pyrotek offers crucible seals in a large variety of shapes, sizes and materials. Depending on the application, crucible seals can be square, round, single-layered, double-layered, coated or uncoated. Pyrotek collaborates with operations to create a custom seal for any application. 


  • Improve vacuum efficiency
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Reusable
  • Crucible Lid Seals
  • Spout Seals
  • Pouring Spout Cover Seals
  • Pouring Spout Gaskets
  • Syphon Gaskets