Break and Feed Cylinder Systems

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Break and feed cylinder systems, sometimes referred to as feeder systems, feed alumina into reduction cells on a set schedule. The system consists of an air cylinder installed inside the alumina hopper, also known as an ore bin, which sits on top of the pot. When the feeder system is activated, crust breaker tips mounted on pneumatic cylinder rods extend downwards through the cryolite crust breaking a hole through the top layer of the bath. The system then pours a measured amount of alumina through the opening via an integrated hopper.

Pyrotek Offerings

Pyrotek offers cast and machined, iron and alloy steel crust breaker tips manufactured to customer specifications. Pyrotek also offers insulation for break and feed cylinders to prevent electrical shorting during operation. 

  • Pyrotek supplies cast and machined crust breaker tips to customer desired specifications
  • Reduce annual cost through vendor consolidation
  • Pyrotek's electrical insulation made of Ceramite INS cast refractory provides long-lasting protection from electrical shorting
  • Local sales support with local stocking available