Anode Bake Furnace Seals

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Anode bake furnace seals are manufactured using proven processes to provide high-quality, long-lasting seals. Pyrotek collaborates with customers to create custom seals to help increase productivity, reduce energy costs and maintain temperatures. 

Pyrotek Offerings

The anode bake furnace requires many different seals. Seals that Pyrotek offers include:

  • Flue-end seals and baffles 
  • Flue-wall and head-wall port covers
  • Inflatable ring main seals 
  • Pit corner sealing products
  • Side-main exhaust donut seals
  • Topical sealing strips
  • TPR and burner gasket seals 

These seals aid the system in maintaining efficiency and are offered in many different materials and sizes. Due to the high temperatures of the furnace and anode bake process, these seals must be made of durable, high-temperature material. Common materials include fibre-free ceramic, asbestos-free materials and coated fibreglass. Pyrotek works with customers to create the best custom fit and material for any seal.

  • Provide an air-tight seal
  • Improve baking process within furnace
  • Improve anode quality and consistency
  • Improve flue-sealing efficiency
  • Minimize furnace downtime
  • Flue End Seals and Baffles
  • Flue-wall and Head-wall Ports
  • Inflatable Ring Main Seals
  • Pit Corner Sealing Products
  • Side Main Donut Seals
  • Topical Sealing Strips
  • Burner Gasket Seals