Anode Bake Flexible Ducting



Flexible ducting is important because anode bake furnace refractory will begin to shift with age, causing misalignment in different sections. Rather than continuing to make adjustments to ensure everything is properly aligned, flexible ducting can be used to maintain an optimal connection with misaligned components. 

Pyrotek Offerings

Pyrotek collaborates with operations to create custom flexible duct to ensure that any type of machinery will maintain a proper connection. A common flexible duct that Pyrotek custom-makes is flexi legs or flexi boots. Flexi legs provide a flexible connection between the steel legs of the manifold and the steel flanges that seal against the flue ports.

  • Custom specifications for any application
  • Improved performance in the carbon bake furnace and peripheral components
  • Flexible design for manifold movement
  • Minimize furnace downtime
  • Flexi Legs (Boots)
  • Furnace Refractory Expansion Joints
  • Expansion Joint Coke Systems