Trough Refractory



Trough refractory is the molten metal interfacing component of the trough, which transports metal from one location to another without leaking or spilling and while minimizing heat loss. Trough refractory utilizes complex precast shapes made from castable refractory materials placed in series using specially designed joints and are supported by steel shells and insulating materials that adapt to extreme temperature changes and thermal stresses. Trough refractory sections also provide good non-wetting properties and can be easily cleaned by operators.

Pyrotek Offerings

Pyrotek offers trough refractories that serve various purposes. The trough refractory products Pyrotek offers include:

  • Continuous casting launders
  • Distribution troughs
  • Transfer troughs
  • Small casting troughs
  • Casting wheel troughs

In addition, there are various material options, customizable designs and coatings available for each trough refractory.