Transfer Crucibles and Ladles


Transfer crucibles transfer metal from melting furnaces to holding/casting furnaces when transfer launders are not used. Typical capacities are in the range of 300–2000 kilograms (660–4410 pounds) of aluminium when full. Larger transfer crucibles used in smelters and casthouses are covered under tapping crucibles. During transfer, some operations perform the degassing operation in the transfer crucible. Transfer crucibles are made up of a steel shell with fork truck lifting points and a refractory liner. Optional components of transfer crucibles include insulation, bolt on spouts and hydraulic (lid and tilting). Transfer crucibles may also be referred to as aluminium transport ladles (ATL) or transport ladles. 

Pyrotek Offerings

Pyrotek manufactures many transfer crucible linings and assemblies every year. Pyrotek also manufactures all parts of the transfer crucibles including:

  • Precast liners (drop-in)
  • Steel shells
  • Insulation packages
  • Hydraulic systems (lids, tilting, etc.)

Pyrotek also offers full assemblies and systems and can perform demolition services. The company's hydraulically operated transfer crucibles can be entirely controlled by the hydraulic systems of a fork lift. These transfer crucibles have added control benefits and as a result, can yield safer operations and offer better metal transfer quality.

Pyrotek can design a transfer crucible system to meet application requirements (steel shell temp, heat loss, pouring, charging practices, degassing/fluxing needs, weight restrictions, etc).

  • Hydraulically actuated systems (lid, tilting, and more) lead to safer operation
  • Turnkey solutions (full reline and demo capabilities globally)
  • Engineered design for any application to improve performance
  • Reduced heat loss and improve surfaced quality
  • Reline existing transfer crucibles with performance improvements