Tadpole Seals


Tadpoles are round or square materials used for door seals and gaskets. Different from other soft products, tadpoles generally have two layers: the core and the jacket. They also can be made of a single-braided material. The core provides the strength of the product, while the jacket provides protection from hazards such as abrasion, cutting or chemicals. Custom tadpoles are constructed from a combination of any rope or core material and a fabric covering and designed for nearly any application.

Pyrotek Offerings

Pyrotek offers a wide range of asbestos-free tadpoles, proven to provide optimal seals. They minimize the costs associated with downtime, energy loss and maintenance. Specialized designs can be fabricated to meet exact requirements of temperature resistance, size, density and wear resistance.

  • Asbestos-free and refractory ceramic fibre free materials available
  • Coatings add air seal and abrasion resistance
  • Custom-designed options available
  • Minimizes energy costs by providing improved seals