Stalk Tube Filters


Stalk tube filters are ceramic filters placed at the base of a stalk tube which are intended to clean metal as it enters the stalk tube. As aluminium is drawn from the bottom of the furnace bath, stalk tube filters allow for direct filtration during each casting cycle. Stalk tube filters provide a significant reduction in inclusions that can be the source of scrap for cast wheels and other high-performance casting products. 

Pyrotek Offerings

Stalk tube filters are supplied in a variety of product configurations to fit various stalk tube sizes and to provide enhanced filtering surface area.

There are two options for the filter material in a stalk tube filter: bonded particle filter (BPF®) media or a ceramic foam filter (CFF) media. They are available in a variety of styles, sizes and filtration levels.

Bonded particle filters may be attached to either cast iron or ceramic/refractory stalk tubes using specific assembly techniques. There are many filter shapes and designs available to best fit different tube designs. Furthermore, the filter can be changed without damaging the stalk tube.

Pyrotek also offers high-quality ceramic foam filters that provide efficient aluminium filtration. They are constructed of high-strength ceramics in controlled open-pore structures. They are easily installed and provide an efficient solution for the removal of oxides and non-metallic inclusions. 

  • Reduce casting scrap with advanced filtration
  • A premium filter for direct filtration of final melt
  • Easy in-house assembly for quick customization
  • BPF Stalk Tube Filters
  • CFF Stalk Tube Filters