Sprue Bushings, Inserts, and Intermediate Tubes



Sprue bushings, inserts, and intermediate tubes insulate stalk tubes both thermally and mechanically during low-pressure casting to ensure that metal remains liquid. This eliminates the need for additional heating. Depending on the part design, Pyrotek offers a variety of castable and insulating refractory boards for the best solution. Castable options deliver thermal shock resistance, have insulating characteristics, and have nonwetting properties. Technically advanced insulating refractory boards from Pyrotek are machined to precise tolerances, and are available in a range of grades and types. All of Pyrotek's options are engineered to overcome the greatest challenges faced by foundry operators around the world.

Pyrotek Offerings

Pyrotek offers sprue bushings and intermediate tube assemblies in a variety of materials.

  • Customizable solutions to reduce problematic challenges
  • Machined advanced insulating refractory boards
  • Various cast materials to optimize performance
  • Nonwetting and smooth surfaces to improve descaling and metal flow