Sow Moulds


Sow moulds are reusable, cast steel moulds used to form aluminium ingots and empty molten metal from furnaces and transfer launders. Pyrotek has many customers worldwide with several designs to meet an operation's needs. Moulds may be customized with logos.

Pyrotek Offerings

Pyrotek offers sow moulds suitable for air and water cooled applications with several sizes of standard and low-profile moulds readily available. Several options are available for customization:

  • Water and air cooled 
  • Standard and low-profile designs
  • Application specific chemistries 
  • Sow feet and/or lugs/hooks
  • Fork channels 
  • Cast steel alloy
  • Ability to customize with logos and several other options
  • Several standard specifications readily available
  • Competitivly priced
  • Local sales contact with local stocking available
  • Standard Profile Sow Moulds
  • Low Profile Sow Moulds