Pump Filters


Pump filters are typically assembled to the base of Pyrotek molten metal pumps for the purpose of preventing refractory spalls, inclusions and other debris from entering the impeller of the pump. This also prevents these same materials from being transferred. A pump filter provides first-stage filtration in central or remelt furnaces as well as transferring filtered metal between furnaces. The filter life is dependent on the volume of metal pumped and overall metal cleanliness.

Pyrotek Offerings

Pyrotek pump filters made from bonded particle filter (BPF®) media in grit sizes ranging from 6 through 12. The two models offered include 320 kilograms per minute (750 pounds per minute) and 680 kilograms per minute (1500 pounds per minute) maximum flow rates.

  • Provides filtration in central or remelt furnaces
  • Fills ladles without including remelt furnace dross
  • Can improve the quality of transferred metal
  • Prevents the carryover of sludge and remelt debris
  • BPF Pump Filters