Immersion Heating Systems

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Immersion heating systems are the most efficient way to maintain the temperature of molten aluminium in transit between the melting furnace and the casting stations, offering nearly a 100 percent efficiency rate. The system uses electrical resistance and conduction to heat the metal from below the surface. Immersion heating systems are comprised of an electrical connection, extension, thermocouple, heating elements and outer sheath tube material. They can be fixed or portable and are widely used throughout casthouse operations including trough systems, holding furnaces, degassing stations and transfer ladles.

Pyrotek Offerings

The aluminium compact thermal (ACT) immersion heating system is uniquely designed to be directly immersed into molten aluminium baths.

  • Can be directly immersed into molten aluminium baths without preheating
  • No temperature loss during the degassing phase and no metal overheating
  • Energy efficient, offers an efficiency rate close to 100%
  • Disperses heat evenly throughout the depth of the bath
  • Adaptable to existing application and can be portable
  • Aluminium Compact Thermal (ACT) Immersion Heaters