Casting Ladles

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Casting ladles, also known as hand pouring ladles, and larger bucket-style ladles are used to manually transfer or extract small to large amounts of molten metal, either in a laboratory or aluminium foundry environment. 

Pyrotek Offerings

Casting ladles are available in conical, flat-bottom bowls, round-bottom bowls, and other custom shapes (with handles of varying lengths, without handles, with stub shafts, and more). Pouring ladles are available in different materials including steel, stainless steel and Pyrotek's exclusive reinforced fibreglass material (RFM®). RFM is a composite ceramic material that is tough, long lasting, naturally non-wetting in liquid aluminium and has a substantially greater insulating value than steel (60–70 times) while eliminating iron contamination.

Bucket styles are available for handling medium to high amounts of material in manual pouring operations. Pyrotek's bucket pouring ladles are typically constructed out of 10 gauge steel and are used with rink shank handles. All bucket styles have two pouring spouts.

  • Available in a variety of materials to suit your application
  • Available RFM is lightweight and non-wetting
  • Wide range of standard designs and custom shapes
  • Optimized performance for application
  • Hand Pouring Ladles
  • Bucket Pouring Ladles