Flux Injection Systems


Flux-injection equipment refers to a variety of machine types designed to enhance the delivery of either fluxes or refining agents. Each style of machine improves the steady flow of product, along with more efficient mixing and more even delivery of fluxing agents throughout the melt.

Pyrotek Offerings

Pyrotek lance flux injectors were designed with portability in mind; they are mounted on carts and can be easily wheeled to the flux-injection site. Pyrotek has also included a range of innovations for each series, such as a product line that runs on pneumatic power alone called the FIT series, another line with a variety of high-tech controllers called the FIM series and a specialized machine for small furnace application (low flow rate). They can be compact mobile units consisting of a hand-held wand. Most notably, they inject flux to specifically targeted areas below the molten metal line for sub-surface penetration.

  • Accurate control of flux feeding rate
  • Reduced flux consumption with submerged flux injection
  • Operating costs, energy consumption reduced and time saved
  • Mobile equipment option for easy transport to specified process
  • Limited degree of furnace stirring created by this process