Dross/Drain/Bath Pans


Pyrotek's pans are receptacles used for capturing liquid aluminium, dross and bath from furnaces and reduction cells. Dross pans are also used for the aluminium casting process where they capture dross from furnaces during the skimming process. Crushed bath is routinely added for heat containment and anode cover, causing the bath level to increase, requiring removal by “tapping.” The bath can be tapped directly into a bath pan or into a crucible and then poured into a bath pan. In either case, the molten bath ends up in a bath pan for solidification. After the bath becomes solid, it is dumped out of the bath pan and crushed to start the cycle again. Drain pans are used to collect molten metal from launders and casting tables as well as placed under dross pans to ensure that good metal is not thrown out.

Pyrotek Offerings

Pyrotek's pans are produced using a cast design with several different chemistries and surface finish qualities available. Cast pans remove issues caused by broken welds in other designs. Pyrotek's pans have large corner radii, which aids in releasing solidified bath reducing stress and the need to drop or bang containers in order to release solid bath. Pans are available with fork channels and lifting hooks. Pyrotek offers drain and dross pan sets that are designed to customer specifications with options to redesign existing systems. 

  • Optimize material selection and pan design with experts
  • Designed to customer specifications with no dimensional requirements
  • Reduce costs with extended pan systems
  • Pyrotek's quality assurance establishes confidence
  • Compared to welded pans, cast pans lower operation costs because of increased life and design performance
  • Dross and Drain Pan Sets
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  • Bath Pans