Dosing Consumables



Pyrotek offers a full line of consumables for dosing furnaces.  Solutions for a dosing-fed furnace include radiant heaters, refractory lining, insulation, thermocouples, fill funnels, filters, dosing tubes, dosing launders and gaskets and seals.

Pyrotek dosing tubes, also known as “riser tubes,” are a refractory ceramic consumable used in high-pressure die casting (HPDC) operations. Typical dosing tube assemblies include a dosing tube, a collar and an outlet spout. The purpose of this assembly is to transfer molten metal from a pressure pour dosing furnace to a dosing launder.

When the gas pressure is raised inside the dosing furnace, the molten metal is forced into the small hole at the bottom of the dosing tube. The molten metal rises up the dosing tube, out through the collar and down the spout on to the launder. Air-tight seals are required around the top (neck) of the dosing tube assembly to ensure pressure is maintained in the dosing furnace during this process.

A typical dosing tube assembly is made of three key parts:

  • A typical dosing tube made from a refractory ceramic.
  • A collar, made of steel or refractory ceramic as a one-piece design.
  • An outlet spout, typically made of steel.

The outlet spout of a dosing tube assembly can be covered with a refractory ceramic, or covered in an appropriate coating to reduce melt contamination. This refractory ceramic part is sometimes called a gooseneck spout.

Pyrotek Offerings

Pyrotek offers complete dosing tube assemblies, individual dosing tubes, individual collars and outlet spouts and air-tight seals.

  • Increase part life
  • Decrease downtime and reduced maintenance
  • Consistent, accurate metal dosing delivery resulting in steady shot sizes and biscuit thickness
  • Less dross build up at the metal line
  • A range of sizes to suit most pressure pour dosing furnaces