Dosing Tube Gaskets


A dosing tube gasket refers to the seal that harnesses the neck of the dosing tube extending from dosing furnaces in foundry operations. Dosing tube gaskets provide thermal sealing between the dosing furnace body and the dosing tube, which is required for the proper function of the pressurized dosing furnace.

Pyrotek Offerings

Dosing tube gaskets are made from either silicone coated fibreglass or from vacuum formed ceramic fiber material. Pyrotek will collaborate with operations to create a custom dosing tube gasket.  

  • Optimal thermal and mechanical sealing
  • Available in precut, custom shapes and sizes
  • Thermally and mechanically resistant
  • Custom for any application and size
  • Fabric Dosing Tube Gaskets
  • Ceramic Fibre Dosing Tube Gaskets