Dosing Furnace Seals


Dosing furnace seals provide an optimal connection between two surfaces within the furnace, most commonly the fill funnel. The fill funnel is used to fill the lower tank with molten aluminium and requires a tight seal to prevent molten aluminium leaks while keeping contaminants out of the funnel. 

Pyrotek Offerings

The dosing furnace requires many different seals. These seals aid the system in maintaining efficiency, Pyrotek offers them in many different materials and sizes. Due to the high temperatures of the dosing furnace, these seals must be made of durable, high-temperature material. Pyrotek collaborates with customers to create material and a custom fit for any seal.

  • Excellent thermal and mechanical sealing
  • Available in pre-cut, custom shapes and sizes
  • Thermally and mechanically resistant
  • Funnel Lid Gaskets
  • Funnel Gaskets
  • Lower Fill Funnel Cone Gaskets