Die Casting Mould Components


To support die-casting operations, casting mould components are critical to help form, shape and cast molten metal. They serve as supporting components of the casting mould to properly feed metal flow during the solidification process.

Pyrotek Offerings

The primary die-casting mould component is an insulating riser insert. The insulating riser insert is a small, cylindrical, refractory shape that is placed in the top of the casting mould, which insulates a small portion of the consumable liquid metal to help with metal feed of castings. The insulating properties of the risers help to maintain the metal temperature and eliminate the need to over heat metal or apply external burners to the mould. The risers are completely contained within the mould cavity and help prevent shrinkage and porosity, particularly where there is a drastic change in the cross sectional mass of the casting.

  • Provides proper feed of metal during solidification
  • Improves cast quality
  • Custom machined to meet specified requirements of the mould
  • Ensures riser metal solidifies last in the mould
  • Low shrinkage
  • Insulating Riser Inserts