Casting Funnels

CastingFunnels UpperFillFunnel


Casting funnels are used in aluminium foundries to convey and insulate molten metal as it is funneled between transfer ladle and target vessels.

Pyrotek Offerings

Pyrotek's line of casting funnels are available in a range of materials and can be sized and shaped based on customer's geometric operating constraints. Pyrotek manufactures a number of standard shapes to fit the three most common funnel applications:

  • Dosing furnace filling funnels
  • High pressure die cast shot funnels
  • Tilt pour cups

Pyrotek can also custom manufacture shapes for any funnel application.

  • Precast shapes for easy installation and replacement
  • Engineered refractory choices lead to longer lifetime
  • Pyrotek's global engineering support
  • Reinforced Fibreglass Material (RFM) requires minimal preheat and reduced brittle fracture


CastingFunnels UpperFillFinnel CastingFunnels UpperFillFunnel CastingFunnels UpperFillingFunnel