Bonded Particle Filters

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Pyrotek bonded particle filters (BPF®) are used in aluminium gravity casting (permanent mould), high-pressure die casting, low-pressure die casting and high-performance sand foundries to remove inclusions. The use of BPF has proven to be an effective solution in aluminium foundries for removing oxides from molten aluminium and alloys. The use of these filters has effectively improved casting quality.

Pyrotek Offerings

Pyrotek bonded particle filters contain high-purity silicon carbide aggregate and have excellent strength, durability and chemical resistance for long life. They also have high-thermal conductivity to minimize thermal gradients, greater filtration efficiency through a complex internal structure and are cost effective. All bonded particle filter raw materials, process parameters and product manufacturing lots are subject to rigorous quality control to ensure the highest possible integrity, consistancy and performance.

Bonded particle filters are available in different shapes and grit sizes ranging from 6, 8, 10 and 12. Below are examples of BPF product applications.

  • Vertical gate filters
  • Box filters
  • Pump filters
  • Dosing tube filters
  • Stalk tube filters
  • Crucible baffle filters
  • Reduces inclusion-related scrap
  • Increases metal fluidity during casting
  • Improves casting mechanical properties
  • Improves surface finishing operations on aluminium casting
  • High thermal conductivity minimizes thermal losses
  • BPF Vertical Gate Filters
  • BPF Box Filters
  • BPF Pump Filters
  • BPF Stalk Tube Filters
  • BPF Dosing Tube Filters
  • BPF Crucible Filter