Molten Metal Pumps

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Mechanical EMP Pumps


Molten metal pumps can be either mechanical or electromagnetic. Pumps are used for forced circulation of furnaces, which is critical to optimize furnace operation to improve productivity and reduce cycle time, improve metal yield and chemical and temperature homogeneity. In addition, pumps are essential to transfer molten aluminium safely from furnace to furnace, furnace to crucible or pump-outs.

In the foundry, pump systems transfer molten aluminium from the melting furnace to a casting cell. Moving aluminium efficiently while preventing turbulence and oxide buildup is essential. Flow rates and operator safety also are key.

Pyrotek's global network of application engineers work with aluminium producers and die casters to determine the best pump design and materials to suit their operations. From mechanical pumps to the overflow transfer system (OTS) to electromagnetic pumps, Pyrotek offers a safe and efficient method for the transfer and delivery of molten aluminium.

  • Increased metal quality
  • Less dross
  • Reduced energy costs
  • Increased safety
  • Lower consumable expenses

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