Furnace Circulation

EMS Stirrer fromRichardS


Increasing the amount of aluminium that can be melted, improves furnace efficiency and reduces dross, a goal of many operations. Circulation pumps create a flow pattern throughout the furnace's hearth, pump well and charge well system. In a typical melting furnace, the bath's surface is heated from burners and hot refractory walls. Without forced circulation, the liquid metal surface can become superheated, which causes oxides to form.

In the aluminium melting furnace, bath circulation ensures the molten bath is not exposed to excessive heat for prolonged periods of time. The lower depths of the molten bath constantly move, which aid in the dissipation of heat, allowing more efficient heat transfer throughout the bath depth and to the submerged solids.

Pyrotek's expertise in metal melting and engineering can provide aluminium producers and casters with optimal circulation equipment and materials that provide the best possible result. Electromagnetic pumps and stirrers provide forced circulation of the bath to homogenize metal temperature and reduce energy costs. Other solutions include mechanical circulation pumps, flux and flux-injection equipment for dross maintenance, engineering services, thermocouples, heated troughs and gaskets and seals.

Benefits include:

  • Improved energy and furnace efficiency
  • Reduced melt loss and better metal quality
  • Improved chemical and temperature homogeneity
  • Longer refractory life, primarily by lower roof temperatures
  • Higher metal recovery, primarily by lower bath surface temperatures

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