ZEN Preheating Systems


Many aluminium foundries and casthouses around the world rely on Pyrotek’s compact and portable Zen heater units to preheat refractory parts and other operational components. These units are safe and useful for any high-temperature application where preheating is necessary, up to 1,500º Fahrenheit (816º Celsius). They allow operators to avoid contacting the surface of their materials with direct flame.

Zen units provide preheating for troughing systems, caster tips, spouts, pins, tabletops, tundishes (casting tubs), and ceramic foam filter cartridges, among many other components.

The Zen system uses electrical heat with forced air pressure for precise distribution of heating. The electrical control system varies depending on the temperature control requirements of operators. The Zen system can be wall-mounted or be cart- or dolly-mounted for portability, and helps plant maintenance teams avoid damaging their refractory and filter parts. 

ZEN preheating systems are available in three different models: economy, standard and premium.

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