T-Series Pumps


Pyrotek Tensor® pumps have a patented ceramic and steel design that increases their reliability in circulating, transferring and gas injection molten metal applications. The pump’s Tensor rods are high-temperature alloy steel loaded under tension. By holding ceramic posts in compression to maximize their strength, these posts are stronger and more durable than their graphite counterparts. Tensor pump rods do not require ceramic sleeves to protect graphite posts from oxidation and abrasion, and if they do break the pump base is still supported by steel rods.

Traditional graphite pumps are rebuilt approximately two to three times per year because of broken or oxidized graphite posts. Replacing the posts with a lower oxidizing material extends the life of the pump, lowers repair costs and reduces maintenance labour. The pump shafts are treated with a proprietary Pyrotek process to reduce oxidation.

Tensor Pump