Overflow Transfer System


Pyrotek's popular overflow transfer system (OTS) has shown it generates half the dross of traditional molten metal transfer pumps, with demonstrated reductions in turbulence seen in field testing. The OTS requires little maintenance as the graphite shaft assembly is the only consumable component. While low maintenance, it offers high performance as it moves metal at a range of flow rates from a furnace to downstream processes. The OTS works by creating a vortex and gently raising the metal from the bottom to the top of the transfer bowl.

  • The shaft/impeller assembly is the only component in contact with molten metal
  • The system has no riser or transfer piping, which can come with the associated problems of freezing or clogging
  • Significantly lower transfer costs than traditional transfer pumps and tapping-out processes
  • An integrated lightweight reinforced fibreglass material (RFM®) trough can deliver metal to the required end location

Dual-chamber Overflow Transfer System (DC OTS) 

Pyrotek's low-flow option, the dual-chamber overflow transfer system (DC OTS), has flow capabilities of 4–450 kilograms per minute. The system, with its electric motor, provides a smooth and gentle transfer of metal, and operators get the same quality pour each time. It replaces standard transfer pumps, tapping ports, and tilting furnaces. Its safe and efficient transfer reduces tap-out metal turbulence and minimizes oxide formation. The DC OTS is easy to install and has multiple bowl lengths available. Pyrotek engineers will set up automated controls for flow and metal levels using technologies such as lasers and floats. There are a variety of low-flow aluminium applications, including ingot casting of sow moulds. The DC OTS can also be used in foundries where larger castings are made.

  • Added safety as plant workers don't pull a tap plug to start flows down the trough system
  • Reduced labour costs as the system automatically handles more functions compared with other mechanical pumps
  • Every application of the system is considered individually by Pyrotek application engineers for peak performance
  • Eliminates manual pouring of metal, which can sometimes be too fast or too slow 
Overflow Transfer System2