Zinc Recovery Systems

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Pyrotek zinc recovery systems are in-house systems able to recover non-ferrous metal from industrial process wastes and top drosses. Metal can be recovered from hot-dip skimmings and dust, continuous galvanizing top dross as well as primary and secondary zinc refining operations.

Pyrotek Offerings

Pyrotek zinc recovery systems are highly efficient thermo-mechanical devices that separate free zinc from material mixtures and top drosses. The recovered zinc is both technically and commercially acceptable for direct reuse into the process, and any zinc-oxide (ZnO) residues can be sold.

  • Significant annual savings
  • 50 to 90 percent zinc recovery
  • Reduces waste volume up to 90 percent
  • Recovered zinc oxide residues valued at approximately 20 percent LME
  • Reduced volume of residual skimmings for disposal