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Steel is an iron-carbon alloy that is widely used around the world as a construction material, in automotive, ships and appliances, as well as surgical tools. It is also recyclable. According to the World Steel Association, there are 3500 grades of steel. Automobiles today are built with newer steels that are 35 percent lighter than those used in the past, the association says. World crude steel production is more than 1.6 billion tonnes annually.

The control of the molten metal temperature in iron and steelmaking processes is of primary importance to producers, as it affects metal quality, process control and profitability.

At operating temperatures, Pyrotek’s ISOMAG® structural insulation board offers an optimum balance between excellent insulating properties and high strength that improves the thermo-mechanical stability of refractory systems in iron and steel-making, as well as mineral treatment applications. This exhibits lining tightness and resistance to metal penetration. The forsteritic board reduces thermal shock and skull buildup, increasing productivity and operating efficiency. It provides excellent strength and dimensional stability up to 1000°C (1830°F).

ISOMAG board will not only generate energy savings, but also offer new ways to optimize operation conditions when used in torpedo cars, steel ladles, tundishes or electric arc furnaces.

ISOMAG structural insulation provides:

  • Reduced temperature loss of molten metal during residence time
  • More uniform casting temperature
  • Better lining stability
  • Higher productivity
  • Cost and energy savings
  • Improved safety

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