J-Series Pumps


Pyrotek J-series circulation and gas-injection pumps provide high flow and gas-injection rates. These pumps increase metal circulation rates, melt rates, inject more process gas and lower the conversion cost per kilogram. These pumps can pump two to three times more metal than similarly sized pumps at the same operational costs. They can be installed in a side well and used in conjunction with Pyrotek’s LOTUSS scrap submergence system. 

The J-series pump can be assembled without an alignment fixture and can be used in molten metal immediately after they are assembled to save production time. The pump’s alignment can be adjusted at the motor mount and checked with a dial indicator. The J-series pump’s motor is protected from heat with a 75-millimetre (3-inch) rigid insulating board.

These pumps have a high-efficiency barrel or bladed impeller with a ceramic inlet wear plate that provides high flows and excellent pumping efficiency. The design also ensures consistent performance, increases pump mass flow, lowers exit velocity, and does not reduce the pumping capacity. The low velocity also minimizes the possibility of carryover of contaminants into the furnace hearth.

J 50pump