Fiberseal Felts and Blankets


Fiberseal felts and blankets are commonly used for making gaskets, siphon seals, fire and insulation blankets, and furnace linings. They must have low thermal conductivity to draw as little temperature away from the working fluid as possible. They can also be used to provide a compressible layer in the center of a gasket or other product, allowing it to be used repeatedly in areas where the product is squeezed between two components. 

Pyrotek Offerings

Pyrotek offers felts and blankets suited to meet demanding application needs over a range of temperatures, material thicknesses and densities. Many different materials are available for fiberseal felts and blankets, including both ceramic and fibre-free ceramic materials. 

  • Fibre-free ceramic materials are available
  • Minimizes energy costs by improving seals