Sweep-out Assemblies and Contact Materials


A sweep-out assembly moves a hot glass container in a sweeping motion from the deadplate to the conveyor. Pyrotek offers a variety of quick-change and adjustable sweep-out designs. Many of the standard sweep-outs are made to fit standard quick-change mounting brackets, which eliminate the need to reset the sweep-out calibration each time it is changed. This type of sweep-out and mounting bracket combination is designed for online change-out during container processing, eliminating the need to shut a section down for repair.

Benefits include:

  • Lightweight designs offer unequaled strength-to-weight ratios at elevated temperatures
  • Standard sweep-out designs are readily available from stock
  • Custom sweep-outs and design assistance available
  • Pyrotek sweep-out construction virtually eliminates failures due to bending and breakage
  • Quick-change sweep-outs reduce downtime and can be installed while machine is running
  • Quick-change mounting brackets eliminate need to reset section calibration during change-out
  • Comprehensive material selection ensures sweep-outs are built to suit operating needs


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