Exhaust Manifold Seals

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Exhaust manifold seals are produced using proven processes and high-quality materials to provide durable, cost-effective seals. Pyrotek collaborates with customers to create custom seals to help increase productivity, reduce energy costs and maintain temperatures and pressures. 

Pyrotek Offerings

The exhaust manifold requires many different seals. Seals that Pyrotek offers include:

  • Exhaust port boot to port seal
  • Exhaust port flexible leg 
  • Furnace sealing replacement pads
  • Ring plain lid seal
  • Seal to side main
  • Side main donut seal
  • Side main snake seal

These seals aid the system in maintaining efficiency and are offered in many different materials and sizes. Due to the high temperatures of the exhaust manifold and anode bake process, these seals must be made of durable, high-temperature material. Common materials include fibre-free ceramic, asbestos-free materials, coated fibreglass, and wire mesh. Pyrotek works with operations to create the best custom fit and material for any seal. 

  • Reduced fuel input costs and increase energy efficiency
  • Longer life expectancy of carbon bake furnace
  • Longer life expectancy of exhaust manifold
  • Improved baking process within furnace
  • Minimized furnace downtime
  • Exhaust Port Boot to Port Seals
  • Exhaust Port Flexible Legs
  • Furnace Sealing Replacement Pads
  • Ring Plain Lid Seals
  • Seal to Side Mains
  • Side Main Donut Seals
  • Side Main Snake Seals