Backup Insulation

PourableInsulation WollitePour


Backup insulation is used to reduce heat loss from refractory systems, feed reservoir refractory, and other high-temperature applications where thermal insulation is important. In addition, if the primary refractory is compromised, the backup insulation layer can contain the molten materials to reduce the risk of explosion and minimize permanent warping and corrosion of steel shells.

Pyrotek Offerings

Depending on the Pyrotek backup insulation product, they can be poured, cut to shape, or packed into voids and cavities. Pyrotek's pourable backup insulation solutions are poured in place and capable of filling small and uneven spaces between working refractory and steel shells. Refractory board and both ceramic fibre board (RCF) and non-RCF board can be cut to shape and fitted as an assembly around working refractory. Pyrotek packing wool is an economical, simple solution that is packed or stuffed in place.


  • Improve thermal performance
  • Control thermal gradients
  • Extend service life of steel shells
  • Reduce energy cost
  • Lower steel shell temperatures
  • Pourable Insulation
  • Board Insulation
  • Refractory Boards


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