M-Series Pumps


M-series pumps have a long, efficient and reliable operating life and are designed for use in nonferrous molten metals (aluminium and zinc) with working temperatures below 871°C (1600°F). These pumps can pump aluminium as high as 6 metres (20 feet) and are used for high-lift and low-lift applications and filling over-the-road ladles while they remain on the transport truck. They are also used in furnace melters, holders, or other locations where molten metal is handled. When using an M-series pump with a furnace, the furnace must have an external well large enough to accommodate the pump. The external well is often an extension of the charging well, with a bridge-wall installed to protect the pump from damage caused by charged material and fluxing salts.

M-series pumps are available with either air or electric motor drive systems. Air systems are more convenient to install and operate. Electric motors require electrical panels and cooling fans, but are more energy efficient and provide more precise control. These pumps are also used in conjunction with refractory lined steel transfer piping to avoid dross formation and other energy loss.

M seriesPump