Anode Yokes


An anode yoke is a component of the anode assembly that provides electrical continuity from the bus bar (ring bus) of the pot superstructure to the carbon anode block. 

Pyrotek Offerings

Pyrotek offers cast steel anode yokes of various designs and customer specifications. In addition, Pyrotek is able to offer full anode yoke assemblies utilizing customer-specific anode clads and anode stem requirements. Depending on annual volume requirements, Pyrotek can offer various delivery options ranging from ex-works to full container delivery to vendor-managed inventory.

Anode Yokes
  • Pyrotek supplies anode yoke components up through full anode yoke assemblies
  • Pyrotek supplies full quality control reports per customer specifications
  • Pyrotek coordinates production, ranging from trial quantity to full production requirements
  • Pyrotek sales and Global Product Management team are available to review design specifications at customer site