ElectricalCladding TransitionInserts


Clads “tri-metallic inserts" are a low resistance high strength joint that allows welding of two dissimilar metals.  They are for use in high current, temperature and mechanical stress environments.

In the potroom, steel anode yokes are pre-welded to the aluminium anode rods using a trimetallic transition insert.  This insert (or anode clad) is a preformed aluminium/steel joint allowing the welding of the aluminium rod to the steel yoke, and forms a low resistance high strength joint to withstand the elevated temperatures, mechanical abuse, and high current density found in the process.  Additionally, cathode/collector bars are connected to aluminum flexibles of the busbar system through welded or bolted aluminum/steel or aluminum copper cathode clads.

Pyrotek Offerings

Pyrotek offers anode clads, cathode clads, anode beam clads, and shunt clads. All are available with varying levels of aluminium/steel or aluminum/copper grade options and in various sizes to meet dimensional requirements.

Pyrotek clads are formed with a high integrity metallurgical joint, which extends the service temperature and transition insert life while maintaining high electrical and thermal conductivity.

  • Pyrotek clads are used on many new smelter projects and on-going maintenance spares
  • Technical expertise
  • Various clad designs available to suit smelter technology and preferences
  • Local Pyrotek sales engineer support
  • Local inventory options available
  • Anode Clads
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  • Anode Beam Clads
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