Pyrotek Single-Chamber Underheated Furnace Provides Advanced Technology in Smaller, Compact Size

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Underheated furnace after 1-2 years in use

Pyrotek, well known in the aluminium foundry industry for its dual-chamber underheated furnaces, is now providing a smaller, more compact single-chamber version for low-pressure casters who don't have enough floor space to accomodate the dual-chamber version. It is sized to fit underneath a casting station without major changes to the casting machine.

Pyrotek’s innovative underheated furnace technology has proven in hundreds of applications to improve metal quality with fewer inclusions, reduce energy costs, and offer longer service life compared to top-heated furnaces. Pyrotek's advanced designs have also proven in the field they can greatly reduce costly maintenance downtime compared to the older top-heated designs.

“Our single-chamber furnace is smaller than the dual-chamber design, and by fitting under a casting station they don't take up additional floor space,” says Tomáš Mazálek, Foundry Furnaces Project Manager for Pyrotek’s Blansko Engineering Center.

As with the dual-chamber underheated furnace, the single-chamber furnace increases safety for operators due to its lower steel-shell temperatures and reduced maintenance. When used properly, maintenance managers and furnace operators will never need to empty the furnace. This reduces energy consumption and downtime drastically.

“We understand that every hour of downtime on the whole production line equates to thousands of dollars lost,” says Mazálek. “Our furnace technology is designed to work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, through its entire lifetime. Foundries can see up to a 35-percent reduction in energy consumption.”

Note: Custom maintenance plans are prepared for every customer based on experience and specific needs.

Underheated furnace technology improves metal quality. Top-heated furnaces often overheat the surface of the metal and create oxides, which means higher operating costs. That's why Pyrotek advances underheated technology, fully submerging the heating elements. Pyrotek's design also ensures that the furnace filling happens below the alloy line.

“Our customers are seeing improvements in their metal quality and process efficiency,” says Mazálek. "Along with helping customers reduce their operating costs, our main objective is to help customers get a higher alloy quality with less inclusions and minimum porosity." 

Other features include:

  • Full furnace customization to match current pressure connections and production cycles
  • Furnace capacity of 800 kilograms to 1150 kilograms
  • Pyrotek’s globally recognized drop-in refractory liner
  • Extra door on the furnace for maintenance
  • Riser tube, feeder bowl, and other consumables available from Pyrotek

For a more in-depth look at how underheated furnace technology is improving foundry performance, read this article.

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Single-chamber underheated furnace drawing

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