Graphite is widely used in a number of industries due to its desirable physical and chemical properties, which include resistance to thermal shock, low coefficient of thermal expansion and stability at high temperatures. It can be machined to tight tolerances, combats friction and is effective as a dry lubricant.

Energy Industry

Today's advanced lithium-ion batteries have enabled the efficient storage and use of energy generated from alternate sources like solar and wind. They have contributed to clean energy markets, including automotive, grid storage and consumer electronics. The majority of anode materials used within these batteries are produced using "environmentally unfriendly" processing technologies. Unlike these high-emission methods, Pyrotek's efficient, repeatable and clean graphitization processing sets a new standard for the lithium-ion anode industry.

Pyrotek capabilities:

  • Carbon-dioxide emissions 99% lower than Acheson furnaces 
  • Processing temperatures to 3000°C ± 50°C
  • Exceptionally consistent processing
  • 99.995% purity

Read our brochure on graphitization for the energy market here.

Aluminium and Other Applications

Pyrotek graphite parts for billet casting and degassing systems offer a durable and reliable material that helps maintain metal quality. Products include graphite rings, shafts and rotors, loading funnels, Raschig rings and more.

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